The New Zealand national team manager Ricki Herbert has said that he will be utilising an experimental squad in the opening match of the Indian tour against URO United Sikkim. However, he has also said that he expects strong showing from his squad.

A number of new players have been included in the squad ahead of this Indian tour. Even though most of the changes have been made as a result of the suspensions, Ricki Herbert has said that this is a good opportunity to get to know his squad members. He has said that he cannot guarantee opportunities for the squad numbers, but they have to take any opportunities that may come their way like this match against URO United Sikkim.

The manager has said that all of his players were extremely looking forward to the match after completing three days of training in the capital of the nation – New Delhi. The match played at Impahl and the players have already made their trip to the city according to the manager. Ricki Herbert has said that the regular players who will be involved in the match will be taken off after 60 min, which will give him even more time to assess the replacements.

“Tyler and Louie are getting starts on merit, and Cameron and Rowie have been rewarded for the effort they have been putting into training. They’ve been patient. Opportunities were always going to come on this tour and for them it has come in the opening game. It is a good opportunity for them and hopefully they will make the most of it. We are going into a real football area. A big crowd is expected and that will be good for the players, especially the young ones who haven’t been in that environment before,” said Ricki Herbert.