New Zealand will be taking on Mexico in the second leg of the intercontinental play-offs. The All Whites are on the brink of elimination from the World Cup after suffering a 5-1 defeat in the first leg. Despite this, New Zealand goalkeeper Glen Moss has said that he is confident of progression to the World Cup finals.

He is aware of the fact that Mexico have enough quality in the squad to punish them if they go out completely on attack. They are going to have a measured approach to the match according to Moss.
Ahead of the match, he has revealed that New Zealand must play their opposition without any fear, but at the same time they should have enough respect. Mexico recently changed their manager de la Torre after a run of poor results. It seems to have done the trick for them, as they secured an advantage in the first leg.

“We’ve learned that we need to play without fear. I’m not saying we were fearful in Mexico but we were a little cautious. Now we’ve got no choice; we need to play some attacking football. We’ve been working hard in the attacking third as we raise that confidence to score goals. The boys have been looking good in the sessions. The players wanted this game to be played back in Wellington,” said Moss.

New Zealand were one of the few teams to finish the 2010 FIFA World Cup unbeaten and it was a surprise to many that they even reached the stage of the competition. Amongst their famous results was their match against Spain. Ross has recalled that New Zealand have the best defensive organisation amongst the teams from this region.
Mexico recently appointed Miguel Herrera as their interim manager, but it looks like he may take charge of the team at the World Cup if they qualify.