The New Zealand defender Ryan Nelsen has chosen to remain silent over the possibility of continuing his international career. The 35-year-old defender was recently announced as the coach of the MLS team Toronto FC even when he is playing for the Premier league team QPR.

Nelsen is one of the important members of the QPR team, as they struggle to avoid relegation this season. He is widely expected to leave the club in the summer once his contract expires, but there have been suggestions that he might be released from his contract before itself. There has also been a lot of confusion regarding his international career.

The New Zealand manager Herbert recently said that he will give all the time Nelsen needs in order to make a decision on his international career. Nelsen has recently admitted that it is extremely tough to be playing at this age because he knows that he is in his final stage as a player. At this stage, it is extremely difficult to find the motivation and physical strength to play regularly. Rather than being forced out of the team, Nelsen has said that he wants to go out on the high so that people remember that he was a good player.

“You just know when it’s time to go. It’s painful getting through games. The enjoyment goes out of it. You have to mentally and physically get up for the game. It just instinctively feels right that my time is done. I’ve never wanted to be a player who keeps going for the sake of it. Because of my age, I am heading downwards and it’s nice to leave on my own terms and when people still see you as a half-decent player, not just a guy who was a good player once upon a time,” said Nelsen.