Papua New Guinea coach believes that his team can beat New Zealand in the final

New Zealand will be facing PNG team in the final of the OFC Nations Cup in Port Moresby on Saturday, and the PNG coach believes that his team is good enough to get a result. Indeed, New Zealand are favorites in the game, and it will require a great performance from the local side if they want to win the game.

It will be the first time in 43 years that PNG has managed to reach a final, and they will be understandingly the outsiders in this game. However, they will be playing with the home advantage and will definitely be having a formidable vocal support from their supporters during the match.

New Zealand have won the trophy four times and will not be bothered by the fact of playing in front of such a crowd.

Their coach Anthony Hudson has stated that his players will not be distracted by the atmosphere in the stadium. He said that his players are used to play before huge crowds as they have opposed teams such as China and South Korea. He believes that his players have the necessary experience to play in this kind of matches and that they will be able to perform in the final.

Hudson also said that it was always his dream to play against the host nation in the final as this provide extra motivation. He said that the atmosphere will be ideal for a final and will add something special on that day. For him, the pressure will not be on the New Zealand team but rather on the PNG team as they will have the pressure of the home crowd. He believes that his team has enough experience in order to win this game.