Wellington are poised to face Auckland City in the OFC Champions League final after getting past AS Magenta 7-1 in the second leg of their semi-final clash.

The match at David Farrington Park was fast paced as the hosts scored the opener in the first seven minutescourtesy of Joel Stevens.

The New Caledonian side returned the favour through JoerisseCexomeas he sent the ball beyond the reach of goalkeeper Scott Basalaj. Team Wellington took back the lead through a set piece before the break. The final minutes were dramatic as captain Bill Robertson connected to a corner kick to send Wellington back in the lead. Jean Brice Wadriako was sent off the game as he received a second warning. The New Zealand side entered the dugout more reassured.

Immediately the second half started Wellington attacked Magenta fiercely. Within four minutes Tom Jackson scored the fourth of the match then Andy Bevin and Nicolas Zambranoaddedtheirs. The match was something else when Stevens got his brace to make it 6-1.

AS Magenta could barely handle the pressure and in the last ten minutes JelewedPierrot was sent off for a tackle on Stevens. The remaining nine players could do little to stop the Kiwi opposition as Joshua Margetts scored another in injury time.

“We’re really happy to make another final for the club. We found it tough and there were certainly some uncomfortable moments in that first half. They’ve got a lot of players with a lot of speed and creativity, very fluid and often players pop up in different places so they’re a hard side to play against,” the New Zealand manager Jose Figuiera said. The coach added that the team used their home advantage to get the result though they started on a strong foot.

Magenta coach Alain Moizansaid the match was a “very difficult” one and with a “very young team” it was more difficult. He praised the opposition for being very organized and wished them the best against Auckland.