Andrew Hudson likes Support given by Fans

Andrew Hudson, the man who has been given the charge of the New Zealand national Football team just recently, has really liked the way he has been provided all the support in the country and he is very serious about guiding the All Whites to the finals of the next FIFA World Cup which is 3 and half years away.

Hudson has been a part of the coaching staff of a Premier League team in the past i.e. Tottenham Hotspur.
He has worked as head coach as well at Bahrain.
So, it’s not that he is new to this coaching work.

The people who have seen Hudson’s methods a little bit reckon that he is very impressive and might become one of the biggest names in the coaching field in future.

The problem that Hudson might have to face as New Zealand manager though is to monitor the performance of his players who are playing in different continents.

Because of the difference in the time zones, it’s obviously not possible for Hudson to watch the live proceedings of all the matches and he cannot travel everywhere either. So, he has to depend on the scouts to a large extent.

It’s probably something that he might find challenging, but, it’s more or less the case with every national manager in the modern era.

Hudson’s main focus must be to plan for future even if that means risking a few defeats. He perhaps did not have the liberty of that at Bahrain as the officials in the Asian countries tend to be a little impatient and want results quickly. The All Whites; bosses would probably allow Hudson to have his own way and go at his own pace.

However, only time will tell how successful Hudson is going to be in New Zealand.