Anthony Hudson wants NZ football team to adopt unique Skills

Anthony Hudson wants the New Zealand team to implement a different playing style during his tenure.

Hudson who is only in his early thirties at the moment took the charge of the All Whites three months back when Rickie Herbert resigned.

He was not an expected choice for the post, but, probably because of his good work with the Bahrain side, he was given the job.

Speaking in an interview last week, Anthony said, “Basically, what I am looking to change is the playing style. I want this team to have an identity of its own in four years’ time. We all know it’s a tough phase. A few senior guys are gone and there is a need to rebuild now, to rebuild the culture.”

“Apart from winning, it’s also important for us to make our fans proud and that we can do only by playing in a positive way.”

When asked what his aim is regarding the World Cup, if he wants his side just to make it to the main tournament, Anthony said, “No that’s not the only aim. Of course getting there in finals is the priority, but, we are not going to get there just to make the numbers. We will try and reach the knockouts. No New Zealand team has done that in the past. So, if we do, we will create history. However, that’s too far away. For the time being, we just need to play some good football.”

Anthony’s father Alan Hudson was a renowned play maker in UK in seventies. He spent a few years in America too playing for Seattle Sounders.

Anthony had a shorter playing career though as compared to his father. He played only 10 games at the professional level.