Hudson Unveals new plans

Anthony Hudson’s first match in charge of the New Zealand national football team ended in a 3-1 defeat after playing against Uzbekistan. Hudson was selected as the new head coach of the New Zealand national squad on August and so far he has only been in charge of 1 match for his new team.
The 33 year old coach has unveiled some of his near future plans and what he is intending to do in order to improve his squad. Hudson is planning to make an international trip around different parts in the world allowing him to view new and different talent that he can possibly add to the New Zealand team.
“We won’t see an All Whites team full of foreigners in 12 months, but is there one or two players out there that we could add to our list to create competition or give us a little edge? There’s so many examples in international football and it’s something that every international coach would be doing. The US national team has seven German players and they were incredible at the World Cup’’. New Zealand’s Anthony Hudson said.
Hudson is expected to be travelling to Europe within the next few weeks or months and visit Chris Wood, Tommy Smith and Bill Tuiloma. The former coach of Bahrain is hoping that he find untapped players and talent that he can add to the New Zealand squad which can increase the quality of the team overall.
A friendly match against China has already been confirmed as this game will be the opportunity for the new players that Anthony Hudson adds to his squad during his trip that is going to be seeing the American coach looking everywhere for potential players.