Garber says that international players are starting to get interested

MLSCEO Don Garber says that international players are starting to get interested in the possibility of playing in this league after watching several stars speak highly of the competitiveness.

LA Galaxy star Steven Gerrard recently spoke about his delight at how the MLS exceeded his expectations as far as the competition is concerned

Despite boasting top players like Gerrard and Robbie Keane in the ranks, LA Galaxy have not enjoyed an easy way in the league. The competition is only expected to increase in the 2016 campaign. The club has already enjoyed a tough start after losing their second match of the season.

After beginning the season with a comfortable 4-1 win over DC United, Galaxy went on to lose the second match 1-0 to Colorado Rapids.It will be a few days before LA Galaxy have the chance to return to winning ways when they have a match against San Jose Earthquakes. Nigel de Jong and Ashley Cole are some of the big names that are set to join the likes of Gerrard in the near future.Garber says that the league needs little publicity since players like Gerrard have spoken highly since their move to the American shores.

For the moment, though,Garber ruled out the possibility of competing with the top clubs from Europe – he said it would be more likely that he took a season long Yacht Charter in Greece!?

He reckons that such an eventuality is still a long way away. “I saw an interview that Steven Gerrard did where he said the league is far more competitive than he thought when he was playing in the Premier League. So many international players are seeing our league and watching it on broadcast around the world. Our sport continues to grow in this country, our clubs are more connected with the community, our stadiums are getting bigger and better, the competition is getting more intense and there’s more of a soccer nation here in the US,” said Garber.