Anthony Hudson is optimistic about his national side

The FIFA World Cup qualifiers are scheduled to begin on May of 2016 and even though the New Zealand national football team has been struggling in the past few years to secure victories at a consistent level, the head coach, Anthony Hudson is certain that his team will be ready to compete against their opponents when the time arrives.

Anthony Hudson lauded his players as the head coach of New Zealand said: “We’ve got a young group of players but we’re building for the future and not long term but for this campaign. With our strongest group out on the field we have a strong team. The players are massively behind what we’re doing, the players know we’re moving in the right direction, I’ll keep fighting for resources and to make sure what we provide for the players and how we set ourselves up is the very best for the players.”

New Zealand was pitted in Group B along with Solomon Island, Fiji and Vanuatu. Anthony Hudson is confident that his team will be ready to not only compete against these opponents but also snatch a top spot in the group that is going to allow his team to qualify into the next rounds.

It’s a little surprising to see the English football manager so optimistic about what his team can accomplish especially after taking a closer look at the statistics of Anthony Hudson as the coach of New Zealand. So far, he has managed to guide the national squad to 3 losses, 2 draws and 1 victory.

This isn’t a very impressive record for a coach who seems to be so optimistic about his team’s chances of qualifying into the biggest tournament in the world of football, the World Cup. They can certainly do it but it’s something which is easier said than done.