Nigel De Jong turned up from the AC Milan side to talk

Nigel De Jong turned up from the AC Milan side to talk to the reporters ahead of the home match versus Hellas Verona, but, he remained tight lipped on the rumours that he was willing for a transfer after being benched for most parts of ongoing season and was in touch with some English clubs.

When asked about the rumours, the veteran playmaker said, “I am present over here for answering the questions related to the upcoming match and I think I should stick to that only. I would not like to discuss other things.”
De Jong would probably find himself in the starting line up of Milan in tomorrow’s match.

When asked if he is looking forward to it, De Jong said, “Yes, of course. To be out there from the beginning is always fantastic. But, let’s see what the manager decides.”

“The formation is slightly different now, but, frankly speaking, it does not make too much of difference to my mentality. Whichever position I am slotted in, I am always going to put hundred percent efforts on the pitch.”

“I hope we get full points. This one is a really important game for us.”

AC Milan has had an up and down season. They are presently the 7th positioned team in the Italian Premier Division with 7 wins, 4 draws and 5 defeats in 16 games.

They have been consistently inconsistent, the Rossoneri, being extraordinary on a given day, pretty dismal on the other. It’s actually something which has become their speciality in the recent times.

It, however, seems a little better than how they had done last season.

In 2014-15, Milan had managed to secure just 13 wins in their entire Serie A campaign and had ended 10th.