Fritz Schmid wants improvement to team

New Zealand national team coach Fritz Schmid wants to see some improvement from his players.  The coach who took charge of the team in February said that there is still a lot of work to be done before turning New Zealand into a competitive team.

The good news is that Fritz Schmid has plenty of time as the senior team will have their first official competition in 2020 and he still has a lot of time to tweak things around.

At the moment he is focused with the New Zealand Under 23 team and said that he wants to see how the younger players behave in a competitive setting.

Fritz Schmid said that it is easier to work with the younger players as they are still learning their game and it is easier for him to influence them. He said that he has a clear philosophy on how football should be played and he is looking to inculcate that in the New Zealand team at a young age.

Fritz Schmid said that it will not be an easy thing to do as there is not a good player development program in place in New Zealand and that this is a thing that he will seek to discuss with the New Zealand football federation. He said that New Zealand will not progress in the long run if they do not invest in youth football and he believes that this is the way to go.

Fritz Schmid said that for now, he has to work with the players that he currently has and will look for ways to make them progress. He believes that there is some good potential in the Under 23 team and he will be looking forward to seeing them play a competitive match.